It is important to choose the right roofing materials to protect outdoor living areas such as pergolas, verandas, patios and even the swimming pool. The ideal choice should be resilient, economical and durable to ensure long-term and quality service. One of the popular roofing materials for this purpose in residential property is polycarbonate. It is considered to be a safer alternative to glass roofing, and can be purchased in a variety of standard sizes. Here are the main benefits attached to choosing polycarbonate roofing to enhance your outdoor structures.

UV Protection and Light

Ultraviolet rays are detrimental to skin health so it is vital to limit exposure when enjoying the great outdoors. All polycarbonate roofs offer UV protection by filtering out the harmful rays in the solar spectrum. You can also purchase panels and sheets that have been treated with additional protective coatings for increased longevity of the UV-guard aspect. It is important to note that most of the other roofing materials such as timber and metal can also provide solar radiation protection. However, polycarbonate roofs are more beneficial because they allow harmless visible light to filter into the living space. You can choose clear panels to allow enjoy unobstructed view across the roof or coloured materials for more visual interest.

Thermal Insulation

Outdoor living spaces can be uncomfortable when the weather is too cold or hot because of heat loss and gain across the structure. Polycarbonate roofing is advantageous because it acts as a thermal insulator which isolates the space. You can choose single-layer or multi-layer insulating panels depending on the local climatic conditions. You should note this thermal aspect is fully attained when the outdoor structure is enclosed using insulated walls.


Polycarbonate roofing is ideal for adding aesthetic interest in the property since it has extensive flexibility in terms of design. The plastic material can be curved into different shapes such as pyramids, gables and rounds depending on your preference. An attractive patio or pergola will increase the property appeal, and the improvement may earn you a higher price when you decide to sell the home. Alternative roofing materials, including timber and metal, are beautiful, but the flexibility of design shapes is quite limited in comparison.


The polycarbonate material is generally resilient and capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. It has prolonged longevity even when extensively exposed to corrosive acidic rainfall and harsh, hot conditions. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance to retain its sturdy structure and practical functionality.

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