For experienced DIY enthusiasts, creating a roof truss to support a roof may be required when building an out-building or building your own home. Although most people choose to buy manufactured roof trusses, it is possible to make the trusses yourself; it is not particularly difficult, but takes a little planning and time. Read on to learn how to make a wooden truss.

Measure the Width of the Building

Start by measuring the width of the roof you need the trusses for. For an outbuilding, two by four wood is good to use, but for the roof of a home, two by six wood is preferable. If you want to have a six inch hangover at each side, cut the wood adding in an extra foot. Use a power saw to cut the wood cleanly.

Make the Chords

A truss is a triangle shape, and the wood that makes up the triangle are known as chords. The piece of wood that you have just cut will form the base chord, or the bottom length of wood in the triangle. The two side pieces of wood are known as the top chords. Lay the bottom chord on the floor and position two more pieces of two by four (or two by six, whichever you are using) so that they form a peak. You can use a tape measure to measure each top chord, and set them in place using a compass.

Cut the Chords

Cut the two top chords so that they meet and lay flush at the top of the truss. Cut them at the required angle so that they also lay flush with the bottom chord. You can then join the chords by using metal plates or mending plates. Set the plates into place and then pound them into the wood; using a small sledge hammer is ideal, as it compresses the mending plates into the wood. When compressed, fix the plates in place using screws and a powered screwdriver.

Make Braces

You now have the basic shape of the truss, secured together. You now need to add braces or supports. Measure and cut a vertical brace to support the top chords to the bottom chord. Use a metal plate to secure the connection. Then, make two angled support beams, and connect them from the bottom chord to the top chords, one at either side of the vertical brace. Secure the angled beams with more metal plates.

Continue to make the trusses in this way until you have as many as you require for the job. For more tips or asisstance, consult local companies like Wadsworth Joinery.