Cleaning the gutters is often an aspect of property care that so many homeowners either ignore, delay or forget about. After all, out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, taking this approach towards your home gutters can lead to extremely visible (and costly) damage to your property in the long run. More importantly it can also have severely detrimental effects on your health, and anyone else who resides within the home.

Discussed here are ways in which avoiding cleaning your gutters can put your health at risk, and why you should always make a conscious effort to keep this part of your property in good condition. 

Pest Nests

Gutters that haven't been cleaned for a long time accumulate a wide selection of debris, which in turn inevitably leads to blockages and pools of stagnant water. Unfortunately, one particularly problematic Australian pest that actively seeks standing water is the mosquito, and clogged gutters act as a perfect place for these blood-suckers to reside and breed.

Avoiding cleaning your gutters is pretty much an open invitation for mosquitoes to live with you in your home, and given the various diseases that these dangerous insects often carry and their taste for human blood, it will only be a matter of time before you get sick.

These pools of water in an unclean gutter won't take long to create moisture and rot, and this damp environment will inevitably lure in another pest that can harm your health: termites. Whilst these critters prefer to stay hidden and rarely bite human beings, the dust created from a termite infestation can leak into the interior of homes, and severely aggravate allergies, flu symptoms and illnesses of anyone living inside.

Hire a professional to clean out your gutters, and be sure to remove debris on a regular basis to avoid turning your home into a hub for pest nests.

Moisture, Mould & Mildew

As has already been established, any gutters that aren't cleaned on a regular basis will gather pools of water, which will in time end up dripping through into the home. Moisture in the interior of your house is always a bad sign, as this can create an environment where harmful growths like mould and mildew can thrive.

Aside from creating a wretched damp smell, these growths will play havoc with anyone in the home suffering from allergies, and depending on the severity/particularities of their condition may cause them to become seriously ill. Children, those who suffer from asthma, and anyone with a weak immune system will experience nasty symptoms when exposed to a home containing mold and mildew.

Weak Structure

Unclean gutters can make any home become structurally weak, with water and debris creating the kind of damage that eats through walls and softens wood. The excess water that seeps through into your home as a result of clogged gutters can also lead to rot, which can spread rapidly and transform structurally sound properties into walking death-traps.

Cleaning out your gutter is absolutely essential to ensure that you or your family doesn't suffer the consequences of a weakened property. Any home that isn't propped up correctly has the potential to cave in, leading to debris falling in from roofs and walls. There should be absolutely no reason for you to have to walk around your home with your hands covering your head in case of a sudden collapse. Hire a professional gutter cleaner such as ACT Gutter Service, and get them washed out properly before you put yourself and your family in real danger.