When you realize that your roof has seen better days and it needs more than a little patch up job here and there, you are faced with the decision of what type of roof cladding you are going to choose.  Metal roofing has always been popular and with good reason you may be considering it.  If you are not sure whether to go through with a metal roof installation, the following benefits of metal as a material may help you make up your mind.

Its Lifespan

Older metal roofing, particularly that comprising of galvanized steel sheet metal, has been proven to remain intact, stable and sound for over 40 years.  Newer metal roofing, because of improved techniques for galvanic-protection and coatings mean that metal sheet roofing cast even longer than 40 years.


If you are interested in becoming more environmentally-friendly, it is a wise to consider sheet metal roofing.  Trying to be green means using recyclable materials, actively recycling and re-using when you can while reducing waste.  This includes the waste created with other more conventional materials used in roofing.  It is a fact that the sheet metal used in modern roofing installation has come from recycled steel and is then recycled again once it has reached the end of its life.  Construction of metal roofing also creates less waste, meaning there is less waste in landfills.

Energy Conservation

When sheet metal roofing is coated with reflective surfaces and designed with ventilation and insulation in mind, it can save a lot of money on cooling and heating.  All roof systems should actually have as high emissivity ratings as possible to enable solar heat and energy to dissipate faster.

If you are conscious about your home looking like an eyesore but still want to improve the energy consumption levels by using reflective materials, metal roofing is still a good option.  Consider the fact that modern, innovative metal roofs can be coated with very reflective surfaces in a wide array of colours and not just white.

When you consider all of the above, the cost-effectiveness over the course of its lifespan, the way it impacts energy consumption and sustainability and the lifespan itself, it is clear that metal roofing is an option you should consider seriously.  While it may require more money upfront than other roofing systems, it is the one that will give you the biggest return on investment. If you have specific questions about metal roofing and its installation, contact a business like Gold Coast Metal Roofing.