The installation of a guttering system in your home is crucial for purposes of re-directing rainwater run-off from your roof to an appropriate catchment area by using downspouts. If the rainwater run-off isn't handled properly, it may result in all sorts of roofing problems and headaches. Furthermore, lack of a gutter guard is likely to expose your gutter to premature wear and tear, logjam and oxidization. Because of their important work, homeowners should consider gutter protection. The following are three basic options for gutter protection.

Screen Gutter Covers

You will be amazed to find out a wide range of screen type covers for gutter protection. Generally, screen covers help prevent your gutter downspouts from being blocked and thus enhance the removal of rainwater away from the rooftop as effectively as possible. Just like gutters, these screens may also become clogged over time. Therefore, they ought to be cleaned much more frequently.

Foam Gutter Inserts

It adorns a foam-like appearance and is basically stuffed inside your gutter and filters the rainwater as it enters the gutter. The filtered debris and dirt lies on top of the foam while the rain water goes through the gutter. Akin to screen type covers, foam gutter inserts also need to be cleaned on a regular basis, owing to the build-up of debris, over time. For proper installation, foam inserts require that you gutter be sloped appropriately or else water may be trapped and held in the gutter, leading to mold and mildew concerns in addition to destruction from the weight of the rain run-off pulling on your gutter system.

Solid Gutter Covers

These cover systems are uniquely different when compared to foam and screen gutter protection options. Solid gutter covers exploit the tendency of water to clasp a curved surface to prevent the entry of debris into the gutters. The debris is trapped by the cover while rain run-off clutches at the curve or valley and enters into the gutter. Solid covers are a bit costly and need proper installation to function properly while, on the other hand, they boast of a longer service life when compared to other forms of gutter protecting, owing to their solid assembly.

For homeowners, it is advisable to carefully select a gutter protection system that best meets your budget as well as your performance expectations. Talk to a professional roofing contractor and ask them to perform an inspection of your roof and home prior to advising which guttering system is suitable for you.