If you are planning to carry out a DIY reroofing job, you may be wondering about the different tools and equipment you will need before you begin work. Below is a brief guide to 3 useful things you will need for to reroof your home.

Safety Equipment

When working at height on a construction job, it is important that you wear the correct safety equipment such as a hard hat to protect your head and boots which have soft soles and steel toe-caps. Wearing boots such as these will protect your feet and prevent you from damaging the roof when walking on it.

Skip Bin

Reroofing your home will generate a lot of waste as you remove the old roofing materials. You will need to hire a skip bin in order to store and transport this waste once the job is completed. The company should deliver and remove the skip bin for you.

Roofing Coiler (Nail Gun)

If you are replacing roof shingles, you will need a roofing coiler or nail gun. This tool ejects nails at extremely high speed, which means you can quickly secure new shingles to your roof without having to slowly hammer in each nail. You should also consider investing in a cordless roofing coiler, as this will allow you full freedom of movement while working on the roof and prevent you from getting tangled in or tripping over the wire.

Ladder Hook

Because repairing a roof requires you to work at height and climb up and down ladders, it can potentially be quite dangerous. However, by investing in a ladder hook you can make the entire job much safer. A ladder hook is manufactured using heavy duty steel, which means it is extremely strong and can support a lot of weight. Because the steel is powered-coated they are durable and resistant to corrosion.  When you have your ladder in place, you can simply secure the hook to the top of the roof so that it holds the ladder steady. When you climb or descend from the ladder it will not shift from side to side or push away from the wall of your property.

Are roofing companies still necessary? Certainly. If you don't feel confident about carrying out a DIY reroofing job or if you have any questions or concerns, you should contact a professional roofing company who will be able to offer assistance and advice before carrying out any necessary work.